character descriptions

LYN: An unconfident confidence coach

A nervous character who tries to overcome her own demons whilst trying to help others overcome theirs during her confidence workshops.

View clip to see a funny extract of her coping badly at a social event.

JANE: A deluded mum

A character who refers to a tiny tears doll as her baby, as an excuse to enjoy all the benefits of motherhood. A lonely but humorously attention seeking character.

View clip to see her funny attention seeking antics on a football pitch.

GENEVIVE: A contemporary dance instructor

A self-obsessed character, who loves the sound of her own voice and her multiple reflections in the dance studio mirrors. She wont let you move a muscle let alone strain one!

HILARY: A life drawing model

A high society life drawing model who interrupts the silence of an art class, with her superficial and unrealistic demands for aestitic enhancement. Hilaryus!

View clip to see her in the flesh, in class.

LESLY: Southern trains spokesperson

An officious train station worker who takes her job very seriously. Promotes stations as places to venture if in need of company and exercise. Includes Funny observations of human behaviour.

View clip to see her promotional video.

VALLERY: The gallery guide

Taking a physical approach Vallery guides you through "Movements in Art."